Elizabeth Grace



  • Height: 5ft 4

  • Hair Colour: Brown

  • Hair Length: Long

  • Eye Colour: Brown

  • Build: Average

  • Piercings: Ears, belly button and tongue

  • Tattoos: Lower right hip


About Elizabeth Grace


Originally from the East Midlands in the UK, Elizabeth now lives in South London. She is a full time actor, voice over artist and narrator. 

Having had a successful career in marketing, Elizabeth began her journey into performing in 2019 and has recently  graduated to a professional level and at the top of her class from Identity School of Acting. She continues to train with IDSA to further develop her skills. 

Elizabeth has now been cast in many projects including short films, web series, video games, audio dramas and audiobook narration. She is also a resident Sleep Story narrator for Slumber, Get Sleepy and Pzizz.

Elizabeth is represented by Stirling Talent Management. Details for casting enquiries are below or via Spotlight.


"Great to work with, knows exactly how to portray a scene on camera in the best way"

Vanessa Mendelyte | Director "Dinosaur"


Casting Enquiries

For casting enquiries, please contact Stirling Talent Management

+44 (0) 1204 848333


"Audiobooks are becoming more and more popular, and it’s because of a lovely narration like this. Thank you, Elizabeth Grace."

Lilyane S. | Austenesque Reviews "Elizabeth: Obstinate, Headstrong Girl"


"You truly warm to her, how she is both approachable and entertaining, how she gives all of herself to her work and how in the end you know you have fallen over the moon for her style of performance"

Jorie Loves a Story | "Elizabeth: Obstinate Headstrong Girl"


“Working with Elizabeth was an absolute pleasure, it was superb to workshop with her and she responded with great emotional nuance. I hope to work with her again soon."

Almir Dario | Director "I Stand with Us"


Experience & Training

September 2019 - Ongoing

Accepted onto the foundation programme at IDSA in Summer 2019 and graduating at a "Professional" level in Summer 2020.
Continuing to study part time to further develop my skills.

Get in touch for more information

October 2020 - Ongoing

Slumber App
Sleep Story and Meditation Narrator

One of 16 sleep story and meditation narrators for the Slumber App and their sister Podcast, Get Sleepy.

October 2020 - Ongoing

Pzizz App
Sleep Story Narrator

Narrating sleep stories and meditations for Pzizz.

January 2021

Speak of the Devil

Audiodrama Podcast

Baker Street Productions

A comedic series of audiodramas written, directed and produced by emerging female artists. Performing in episodes "Credits" and "Pockets".  

December 2020

Catalyst New Homes TVC

Voice Over

Focus IMC

Voice over for a TVC for the housing developer,  Catalyst New Homes.

January 2021

An Unexpected Merry Gentleman

Audiobook Narration

Anngela Schroeder

A historical fiction novella based at Christmas time in the world of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

"The reader's impeccable English accent and numerous voices delightfully convey this delectable romantic yarn filled with discovery. It gave me gooseflesh!" - Alice Taylor, Audible.com

October 2020

Royal College of Paramedics Recruitment Ad

Created by Ideal Insight. This was a quick turnaround project to recruit new students to the college.

October 2020

A Lie Universally Hideen

Audiobook Narration

Anngela Schroeder

A historical fiction novel based in the world of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

The story was beautifully read, and great fun to listen to. - Customer review, Audible.com

October 2020


Short Film


Shortlisted for Direct Online Monthly Film Festival and Screen Power Film Festival.

LGBT short film raising awareness of homophobia in families.

November 2020

Ship to Shore

Audiobook Narration

Elizabeth Adams

A US based love story involving a teacher and a naval officer falling in love via the old fashioned art of letter writing.

September 2021


Audiobook Narration

Karen M Cox

US based novel set in the deep south in 1932 during the Great Depression. Based on the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. 

"Elizabeth Grace is my new found narrator. I LOVE HER VOICE’S. The him’s and the hers". - Michell, Audible.com

Available on Audible

August 2020

Elizabeth: Obstinate, Headstrong Girl
Audiobook Narration
Christina Boyd

A Jane Austen inspired anthology celebrating her character Elizabeth Bennet.

June 2020

Green Card
Audiobook Narration
Elizabeth Adams (ACX)

A modern,Jane Austen inspired, love story. Set in New York with blue-blooded characters from England and also some from the south of North America, this project was fun and challenging. I stretched my voice and accent work further than ever before and loved working with the author to bring the book to life. Edited and recorded in my home studio.

February 2020

Emily Hale "Dinosaur" 
Short Film
University of West London

Dinosaur is a final year short film produced by students at The University of West. London.
It follows the difficult emotional experience of a couple one year after the death of their young son.

January 2020

TryLife produce real life scenarios for teens and children that act as a online series of 'choose your own adventure' style stories. 
My role was the mother of a young teenager with autism navigating through life making friends and connecting with others.

Coming soon

January 2020

Esme "Conversations: An Original Audio Drama"


O&J Scriptwriters

Conversations is an audio drama series based around the conversations of various couples eating in the same restaurant. 
Esme is a wife in her early thirties who is struggling to get pregnant with her husband. They discuss the effect of toxic masculinity and fertility while they have dinner with Esme's baby niece.

February 2020

Reyna "I Stand for Us"

Short Film (Winner of the Orilla Award at Luma Film Fesitval)

University of York

Luma Film Festival Winner

A short film about the impact of 0 hours contracts on a group of cleaners from various backgrounds.

January 2020

Catherine "The Really Important Persons Bookclub"

Audiodrama Podcast

Feral Penguin Podcasts

A satirical US political comedy podcast series about the Trump administration.
Catherine is one of Trump's trusted aides who is responsible for recommending books for Donald to share with various international dignitaries.

December 2019

Dying Princess "Hell Heroes"

Voice Over

Squidgeroo Ltd

Work ongoing and in post-production.
Voiced the role of the vampire princess in a fantasy themed video game due for release later this year. 
This project also involved facial expressions to be used to render the character for the final edit.